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Each of our products is original, just like you.



Happiness consists of small joys. A kiss, a handshake, the scent left behind by a loved one, the feeling of home. At Little Big Lab, we create little cosmetic items that turn an ordinary day into a special one.Choose yours

Create your ritual

Why can't the little things we use every day be extraordinary? Practical, effective, and yet surprisingly original and pleasing to all the senses.View gift sets

We do small things with great love.



The perfect perfume for kissing

Original lip balm created in collaboration
with Helena Heinz, the well-known soap designer. This exceptional balm is made from carefully selected, high-quality ingredients that are known for their nourishing and protective properties.


Some time ago, I stopped using liquid soaps altogether because they dried out my skin. Therefore, I was curious about Me, Myself and I, the new solid soap from Little big Lab. And it is exceeding my expectations! It smells wonderful and leaves my skin soft and supple. I feel like I'm bathing in luxury each time.

Lab technician

We've started using Pure Affair in our ballet shoes and our feet feel like we're floating on a cloud. We love the powdery scent.

I'm getting Pure Punk for my brother's sneakers, too.

Emily and Mia

I'm into minimalist design, so I ordered a few products mainly because they were perfect for our office. But we were impressed by the content. Sanitizers with the scent of cashmere and white tea are the best. Even though the pandemic is long over, we sanitize our hands all the time.

Casting Production

You can never have enough lip balms. I have
fallen for Read my lips because of its amazing consistency and captivating scent. I enjoy being seductive...


I love how the whole living room smells good long after I've cleaned with Pure Mess spray. I'll admit that sometimes I just spray it on, even when everything is clean.


For a long time, I couldn't find a hand cream that I wouldn't be embarrassed to pull out of my backpack after a workout with the boys. They usually all have garish packaging, and they are very fragrant. But then my girlfriend got me September Issue from LBL.
It's perfect, just what I needed.

Basketball Player

We love local ingredients

We take inspiration from nature and naturalness when making our products. We don't go far for our finest ingredients - we find the best talent and the best ingredients locally.

We are a 100% Czech company

We are based in Prague, and we develop and manufacture the vast majority of our cosmetics in the Czech Republic. We cooperate on product development withprofessionals and developers of FARMAK MORAVIA, a Czech company.

Vegan & animal friendly ingredients

Our products are not tested on animals, based on the standards of Europian Union.