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Who We Are

We are LITTLE BIG LAB, a Czech startup.

"Do small things with great love."
– St. Mother Teresa

Happiness consists of small joys. A kiss, a handshake, the scent left behind by a loved one, the feeling of home.

At Little Big Lab, we create little cosmetic items that turn an ordinary day into a special one.

No, we are not all mothers or saints, but we like to enjoy the little things and make other people happy. We also love travelling, exploring the world using all our senses and we want to surround ourselves with beautiful things. The idea for our first product was conceived in 2013 when we were travelling. The
desire to touch everything new, but at the same time to stay protected and with a pleasant feeling of cleanliness, led us to the idea of developing our own cosmetics with disinfecting effects that would meet our expectations. We teamed up with leading Czech developers from the pharmaceutical industry and gave them a difficult task: to create a disinfectant that would reliably kill most viruses and bacteria but would take care of our hands as if they'd been wrapped in cotton wool, would not stick, burn, dry out the skin, leave an unpleasant smell. In short, we wanted them to perform a little big miracle. The result is our PalmaPure sprays. Powerful, fragrant, certified. 

And then more ideas started to come, always inspired by our specific needs, and the wishes of our customers. Behind each of our products there is a long journey, development, search, and personal commitment. We stand by all of them and we believe you will love them too.

We are Little Big Lab - a laboratory performing small miracles.

Hana Samuelová


Aneta Ženíšková

Sales Manager

Oxana Shmarova

Social Media Specialist

Marie Neubauerová

Backup Office

For every body and everybody.


We love local ingredients

We take inspiration from nature and naturalness when making our products. We don't go far for our finest ingredients - we find the best talent and the best ingredients locally.

We are a 100% Czech company

We are based in Prague, and we develop and manufacture the vast majority of our cosmetics in the Czech Republic. We cooperate on product development withprofessionals and developers of FARMAK MORAVIA, a Czech company.

Vegan & animal friendly ingredients

Our products are not tested on animals, based on the standards of Europian Union.