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Our Values

We at LITTLE BIG LAB believe that "health and beauty are connected".

We have created products with an emphasis on self-esteem, beauty, and purity.

Our products will serve as care for you, your home, your loved ones.

We would also like to make a pleasant little ritual out of the everyday tasks we do. Take a while for yourself with our products, which provide you with the care you need.

All product formulae have been developed exclusively in the Czech Republic.

For every body and everybody.

We love local ingredients

We take inspiration from nature and naturalness when making our products. We don't go far for our finest ingredients - we find the best talent and the best ingredients locally.

We are a 100% Czech company

We are based in Prague, and we develop and manufacture the vast majority of our cosmetics in the Czech Republic. We cooperate on product development withprofessionals and developers of FARMAK MORAVIA, a Czech company.

Vegan & animal friendly ingredients

Our products are not tested on animals, based on the standards of Europian Union.