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Where you could see us

Did you know that PalmaPure can be found not only in our store or other concept stores? PalmaPure sanitizer is always nearby when you need it. Whether you've gone to the bank, a festival, or even to school, our sanitizer is always here for you.

And here are the places where you may have seen us:

 ČSOB centrála 
• Ministerstvo financí ČR
• Dům České televize
• Vodafone 
• Jatka78
• Eska 
• Metronome Festival
• Signal Festival 
• United Islands
• Nadace ČEZ
• Francouzské lyceum v Praze
• Občanská plovárna
• Karlín Group 
 Broker Consulting
• Mateřská školka Pitkovice 
• Clementas-Centrum pro seniory 
• Domov seniorů Uhlířské Janovice
The Little Big Lab team does everything in its power to protect you and your hands in all possible situations and places!

We love local ingredients

We take inspiration from nature and naturalness when making our products. We don't go far for our finest ingredients - we find the best talent and the best ingredients locally.

We are a 100% Czech company

We are based in Prague, and we develop and manufacture the vast majority of our cosmetics in the Czech Republic. We cooperate on product development withprofessionals and developers of FARMAK MORAVIA, a Czech company.

Vegan & animal friendly ingredients

Our products are not tested on animals, based on the standards of Europian Union.